How To…

How To…. Discipline Your Spotter 

Go to Documents, iRacing and open the app file in notepad. Scroll to the SPCC section and find the line: carLowHiPadding=1.000000     I don’t remember what the default setting is but mine (1.000000) needs adjusted. The higher the number, the more space is between cars before you get the “clear” call.  Keep in mind that you’ll get the “car low/high” call at the same distance.
How To…. Setup macros for pit commands

Go to Documents, iRacing and open the app file in notepad. Scroll to the following 3 lines and change the 1 to a 0 (zero).

[Pit Service]

By changing these lines, the sim will NEVER automatically check your tire or fast repair boxes when you leave pit road.

Now, go into a test session. Go to Options, Options and then find Auto Text Chat.

Both the left and right column in this box can be edited. Ignore all of my commands that start with !. These are admin controls. The others begin with # to let the sim know they are pit commands. To change 4 tires, fill with fuel, and have the windshield cleaned, I use ALT-5 on my keyboard. If I just want right side tires and a splash of fuel and a windshield tear-off; ALT-2. The $ is so you do not have to hit enter.

If I need a fast repair, I hit 7. This allows me to pull into my pit stall and see how much time is required for any repairs without being forced to use the fast repair.

You can program keys 1 thru 9 and ALT-1 thru ALT 5 or you can use buttons on a wheel or button box for these.

Tires = rf rr lf lr
Fast repair = fr
Fuel = fuel ?gal
Windshield tear off = ws