How To…

How To…. Setup Discord

We use Discord for interviews with GSRC before and after the Outlaw Modified Series races.

Follow this link to connect to the GSRC Discord server:
Once connected, a GSRC logo will show up on the left side panel of Discord
To enter a chat room for an interview, click on the GSRC logo to reveal all chat rooms and click on the voice chat room called READY FOR INTERVIEW

To set up push to talk:

In Discord, click on the gear near the bottom of the screen
Under App Settings, choose VOICE & VIDEO
Make sure your INPUT device is your microphone and OUTPUT device is your headset/speakers.

Note: You can also test your microphone and playback volume levels here.

Under INPUT MODE, make sure PUSH TO TALK is checked on
Under SHORTCUT, click on the keyboard button, then hit your push to talk button, then hit STOP RECORDING

It’s highly recommended to also adjust the PUSH TO TALK RELEASE DELAY. By default, it is set to 0, but it should be set to a few hundred ms to avoid voice cutouts during interviews.

It is also recommended that when you load up Discord that you “Run as administrator.”
How To…. Setup TeamSpeak

Here’s how to log into our TeamSpeak server:

Open up the app and click CONNECTIONS
In the pop up window type in our server address:
Type the password provided
Type in your full name (most of us add our car number as well ex. #3 Lowell Jewell)
Click CONNECT and you are in

You should be in the Lobby
Double click the Bootleg Racing League room and you are ready to race!

While there, click BOOKMARKS
Fill in the boxes as above (you can name the server anything you want, I use BRL. and you can ignore the bottom two boxes)

Next time you open the app just click bookmarks and select our server

Now to setup your mic and headset:
Select PLAYBACK on the left
Using the 2nd drop down menu on the right, select your headset or speakers

Select CAPTURE on the left
Again in the 2nd drop down menu on the right select your mic (may be the same as PLAYBACK if you are using a headset)
Below that menu select PUSH-TO-TALK and then click the button to the right to set a button (be sure and use a different button than the one you use for iRacing chat)

How To…. Move ALL of your User Interface (UI) boxes

ini Changes:

You will want to make some changes to your “app.ini” file in the “iRacing” folder of the “Documents” folder. Before you do, make a copy of the app.ini file just in case…

The key change is enabling all the elements, so they can be moved.

That command line is under the “Graphics” container: forceVisibleWhenMove=0

By default that will be forceVisibleWhenMove=0  so change the “0” to “1” to enable.

Triple Monitors:

If you wish to use all of your screen resolution for the UI, you will want to enable two more command lines.

These are also in the “Graphics” container: DriveUIFullScreen=0 and SessionUIFullScreen=0

As before, change the “0” to “1” to enable.


Want to start over with your UI Offset?  Delete all the information under the “UIOffsetPos” container. Then save the “app.ini” and then relaunch the game. Everything will be back in it’s default position.
How To…. Discipline Your Spotter 

Go to Documents, iRacing and open the app file in notepad. Scroll to the SPCC section and find the line: carLowHiPadding=1.000000     I don’t remember what the default setting is but mine (1.000000) needs adjusted. The higher the number, the more space is between cars before you get the “clear” call.  Keep in mind that you’ll get the “car low/high” call at the same distance.
How To…. NOT Accidentally Change Tires

Go to Documents, iRacing and open the app file in notepad. Scroll to the following 3 lines and change the 1 to a 0 (zero). This also works for the fast repair check box.

[Pit Service]

By changing these lines, the sim will NEVER automatically check your tire or fast repair boxes when you leave pit road.

Now, go into a test session. Go to Options, Options and then find Auto Text Chat.

Both the left and right column in this box can be edited. Ignore all of my commands that start with !. These are admin controls. The others begin with # to let the sim know they are pit commands. To change 4 tires, fill with fuel, and have the windshield cleaned, I use ALT-5 on my keyboard. If I just want right side tires and a splash of fuel and a windshield tear-off; ALT-2. The $ is so you do not have to hit enter.

If I need a fast repair, I hit 7. This allows me to pull into my pit stall and see how much time is required for any repairs without being forced to use the fast repair.

You can program any keys or buttons on a wheel or button box for these.