Rules / FIRST Sporting Code (Section 2) in effect:

2. Conduct

2.1. Principles
2.1.2. At iRacing we believe that racing in the virtual world is as much a form of motorsport as racing in the physical one. Our expectation is that all members of our community – racers, officials and employees – will conduct themselves in the same way as a race participant would at an event in the physical world. Each of us owes every other member of the iRacing community the same courtesy and respect that we expect to receive ourselves.

2.1.4. Emotions will run as high in our races as they do in all competitive environments. But rude behavior – whether in actions behind the wheel, in oral communications through in-sim chat, or in writing on forums – damages social relationships and has no place here.

2.1.5. We will have zero tolerance for deliberate bad behavior, whether on- or off-track. Those individuals who are habitually unable to treat others in an appropriate fashion will find themselves on the outside looking in.

2.2. On–Track Conduct
2.2.1. iRacing places a high value on responsible driving and fair competition. Accidents in racing are inevitable; they are a natural consequence of close competition. But the FIRST graduated licensing program stresses the development of driving skills and the avoidance of accidents, rewarding safe driving and minimizing the number of on-track accidents.

2.3. Voice and Text Chat
2.3.1. iRacing provides means for racers to communicate with one another before, during and after on-track sessions. The high emotions that are a normal part of close racing do not justify verbally abusive or other inappropriate expressions toward officials or other racers.

BRL Rules in effect:

An Incident Review Team (IRT) will consist of four stewards and two alternates, plus the Admin.

A team of two stewards will review every caution of every race. They will determine if the incident should be penalized and if so, who the at fault racer is.

If the stewards are in agreement that there was no violation the incident will be closed.

If the stewards disagree, an alternate steward will be chosen to review the incident.

IRT only reviews incidents that cause a caution. If you feel that an incident that does not cause a caution should be reviewed for possible rule violations, you must file a protest via email to the Admin within 24 hours of the race end.

You should include the following:
-Lap number
-Brief description of incident
-NO REPLAY CLIPS (only send clips if/when asked to do so by Admin)

The Admin will forward all protests to the IRT.

What the IRT will be looking for when reviewing incidents:
-OVER-aggressive racing (ie; dive bombing, rear end collisions with excessive force, etc.)
-Intentional wrecking
-Racing through an incident after caution flag and wrecking others
-and more

IRT results will be forwarded to the Admin for penalty assignment.


After review of incidents, there are a number of actions that the Admin can take to penalize infractions, depending on the severity of the offense:

– Warning
– Loss of all earned points in race
– One race suspension
– EOL (end of line)
– Stop/Go
– Removal from a series
– Removal from the league
– and more

All penalties, suspensions, and expulsions from the league shall be applied at the Admin’s discretion. Repeated infractions by any racer will result in him/her being subject to removal from the league.

Each suspension on a racer’s record will fall off after 90 days. A 3rd suspension within 90 days will result in removal from the entire league.


Activities that the Admin will be watching for in his independent review of the races:

-Disrespectful communications, including foul or threatening language and insults toward another racer/league admin (this includes outside of a race via email, forum, social media, etc.)
-Racing with lead lap cars while one or more laps down (unless racing other lap down cars for “wave by” spot)
-Wrecking another car(s) while turning around on the track or returning to the racing surface
-Changing tires (car goes up on the jack AND you return to the track)
-Racing through an incident after caution flag and wrecking others
-and more

Admin-Initiated Actions:
The Admin may initiate action against a racer(s) for actions detrimental to BRL. Admin reserves the right to remove from the league any racer, for any reason, and at any time. 

Race Broadcasts:
We expect every race broadcast to be a “G” Rated show. Any driver using foul or rude language or a paint scheme that shows nudity or anything else of an offensive nature will be dealt with by the Admin personally. The penalties will be harsh.

Championship Tie-breaker:
In case of a tie in the championship standings at season’s end, we will use the following tie-breakers in this order.

1. # of wins in the season
2. # of top 5’s in the season
3. # of top 10’s in the season
4. # of top 15’s in the season
5. Current season average finish
6. Pistols at 20 paces