BRL Rules updated 9/22/2022

An Incident Review Team (IRT) will consist of three teams of two stewards and two alternates, plus the Admin.

Each team will alternate weeks.

A team of two stewards will review every caution of every race each week. They will determine if the incident should be penalized and if so, who the at fault racer is.

If the stewards are in agreement that there was no violation the incident will be closed.

If the stewards disagree, an alternate steward will be chosen to review the incident.

An alternate will also be used if one of the stewards is involved in a particular incident.

IRT reviews incidents that cause a caution and ALL incidents on the last lap of the race. If you feel that an incident that does not cause a caution should be reviewed for possible rule violations, you must file a protest via email to the Admin within 24 hours of the race end. lowelljewell [at]

You should include the following:
-Lap number
-Brief description of incident
-NO REPLAY CLIPS (only send clips if/when asked to do so by Admin)

The Admin will forward all protests to the IRT.


After the reviews of incidents are complete, the following is the guideline for each category used by the Admin to assign penalties: (this is “per series”)

General incidents including but not limited to; Dive-bombing into a corner, Wrecking another car(s) by turning around on or returning to the track, Racing through an incident after the yellow flag comes out, etc.

1st offense. Warning
2nd offense. EOL (end of longest line for start)
3rd offense. Race suspension
4th offense. Admin Options: Temporary removal from a series, Permanent removal from a series, Permanent removal from league

All of the above resets to a clean slate at the beginning of the next season (except removals).

The following DO NOT reset.

Disrespectful communications:
1st offense. Warning
2nd offense. Race suspension
3rd offense. Race suspension
4th offense. Permanent removal from league

Racing with lead lap cars while one or more laps down (unless racing other lap down cars for position):
1st offense. Warning
2nd offense. Race suspension
3rd offense. Race suspension
4th offense. Permanent removal from league

Jumping a start/restart:
These will be penalized on a case-by-case basis

Broadcast g-rating violation:*
1st offense. Warning (depending on severity of incident, the admin may skip any warning and immediately remove racer from the league)
2nd offense. Permanent removal from league

*We expect every race broadcast to be a “G” Rated show. Any driver using foul or rude language or a paint scheme that shows nudity or anything else of an offensive and/or controversial/political nature will be subject to removal from the league. The Admin will be monitoring this closely.

Political discussions will not be allowed in TeamSpeak, Discord, or any Forum that is owned by Skitter Creek Motorsports Group.

Political comments on any Facebook or Twitter account owned by Skitter Creek Motorsports Group will be deleted immediately and your account will be banned.

Political paint schemes on a car, whether the series is broadcast to the public or not, will not be allowed.

Failure to follow this rule will result in an immediate ban from all SCMG leagues or series.’ There will be NO WARNINGS.

No Appeals:
All decisions by the IRT and the Admin regarding infractions and penalties are final and are not open for debate. There is no appeals process.

Admin-initiated Actions:
Admin reserves the right to penalize and/or remove from the league any racer, for any reason, at any time.


Championship Tie-breaker:
In case of a tie in the championship standings at season’s end, we will use the following tie-breakers in this order.

1. # of wins in the season
2. # of top 5’s in the season
3. # of top 10’s in the season
4. # of top 15’s in the season
5. Current season average finish
6. Pistols at 20 paces