Hamer Wins Thompson

Huston Hamer takes the win at Thompson International Speedway in his 1st race of the regular season!

Matt Hoose on point

Matt Hoose on point

Matt Hoose started on the pole and led the 1st 17 laps with the top 5 running nose-to-tail. Hamer finally takes the lead with the help of a little tire rub on lap 18.

"Rub and Run" for the lead

“Rub and Run” for the lead

The next lap, Hoose tries to take the spot back and ends up on his roof in the infield.

Unfortunate end to the race

Unfortunate end to the race

No caution comes out and Hamer leads the final 33 laps to take the race 3 win. In fact that was the only spin and the race was completed with zero cautions! Great racing all through the field!

Hamer wins Thompson

Hamer wins Thompson

Hoose hangs on to the top spot in the point standings with Schaeffer, who had brake issues for the entire race, and Eifling tied for 2nd place. Only 5 points separate the top 5! Brian Young and Lowell Jewell are 4th and 5th respectively. Next week the series visits Martinsville Speedway in Virginia.

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