Leinen Wins South Boston

The OnPitRoad.com Legends Series made its next to last stop of the season at South Boston, VA last night and while Ronald Henrie showed he was unbeatable, Mitch Leinen capitalized on a slight bobble to take the lead and the win.

South Boston Grid

South Boston Grid

Leinen Moving In

Leinen Moving In

A bit of internet connection malfunction placed a pitting car dead center of the track and directly in the path of Henrie, just long enough to cause him to falter and lose his momentum. Leinen grabbed the lead with 12 to go and won the race. Henrie finished 2nd followed by Matt Hoose, Kalen Fagan, and David Schaeffer.

Win #8 For Leinen

Win #8 For Leinen

Brian Young finished 13th, 36 laps down, but retains the championship points lead. Leinen moves to within 5 points while Lowell Jewell falls to 50 points back from Young. Next week is the final race of the 2014-A season! Who will take the championship? We’ll settle it all at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna Beach, FL. under the lights!

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