BRL Memorial Day Weekend Recruiting Night

Saturday, May 24th, 2014, the Bootleg Racing League will be hosting a night of short track fun at Richmond International Raceway! This is an off-week in our current schedule and we want to take the opportunity to do a little recruiting.

You should join us if you:

-enjoy short track racing
-are looking to race with the same group every week
-are serious about clean racing, making new friends, and having fun
-are free to race most Saturday nights (7pm to around 11:30pm, ET)

Recruiting Night Details: (all times Eastern)

7pm Mini Stocks (Solstice) 40 laps
8pm Legends 50 laps
9pm Super Late Models 75 laps
10:15pm SK Modifieds 75 laps

**Everyone is welcome to race all 4 or you can pick/choose

Each server will have 30 minutes practice and 5 minutes/2 laps qualifying

Fixed setups (Solstice 25% fuel, Legend 100%, SLM and SKMod 50%)
Cautions ON
Restarts double file – lapped at back
“Lucky Dog” rule in effect
2 fast repairs available
Minimum Voice/Text Chat during race
Voice chat MUST be turned on

All 4 races will be found in the Hosted Section w/no password
Class D or above only


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